Can I view during the week?

Unfortunately not. Our viewing and tendering times are on the weekends only.

Do you know what will be in each week?

We are not ALDI special buys unfortunately. Each week we have an amazing amount of diversity of items meaning you just don’t know what you might find here from week to week (Hence our moto). However, some of the categories of goods are Antiques & collectables, sporting, Marine, Electrical & whitegoods, Furniture, bedding and household items, Jewellery, Tools and hardware, Photography and travel, hobbies & musical instruments.

What is a silent auction/tender centre?

We sell items on consignment from the general public. Each week we get an average of 1000 ‘new’ items in store. We then sell them through a tender/bid process. Customers come into Bidbarn during the weekend auction and place a $ amount on items they wish to buy. We then tally the $ bids and the item/s are sold the highest bidder over reserve. This is a weekly process and we have an average of 5000 items in the Barn each week. Its a great way to Buy & Sell in Newcastle.

What happens if a buy an electrical item and it does not work?

We do not want to sell faulty items. Most mechanical or electrical items are declared working by the owner when they drop it in*. We offer a 24hr warranty on electrical and mechanical items. You must bring the faulty item back within this time to get a refund.

*Some items are sold not operational or untested. These items do not come with the 24hr warranty and will be marked “AS IS”. Please check this before bidding. Many antique items are sold in this manner.

Can I bid below the items reserve price?

Yes you can, just be aware that if you are the highest bidder, it can take up to 2 days for BidBarn to get a reply from the owner. The owner has the option of selling the item, refusing the offer, replying with counter offer or taking the item home. Any item that has not sold but has offers under reserve are still considered ‘on the market’ and can be purchased at the items reserve by ANY bidders.

What happens if I bid the same amount as another bidder and we are both the highest?

All bid forms are handed out in numerical order. Therefore, the lowest bid form number will get the items because they bid that amount first. It is the fairest way!

What is the minimum bid?

$2 (+fees if successful)

If I am successful, when can I pick up the goods?

Pick up of any successful goods are strictly

Mon, Tue & Wed 10am-6pm and Thursday 10am-1pm after the sale.

Call 49695656 if you cannot meet this obligation.

Can I withdraw a bid once I have made it?

Once a bid has been made it is a contract to buy if you are successful. Please ensure the items you bid on are fit for your purpose.

What is the buyers premium and lot fee?

An additional 16.5% (incl. GST) will be added to any successful bids. They are also subject to a lot fee of $2.75 per lot.

Does it cost to register or make bids?

Registration and bidding are free. However if any of your bids are successful you will have to pay a buyers premium and lot fee on top of your bid price.o.

When is viewing and tendering?

Every Saturday 9am-3pm & Sunday 9am-3pm (except Xmas)

When and how do I get paid for my sold items?

Once a sale is complete, we wait for the bidder to come in and pay for the item. Once the bidder has purchased it, the monies will become available to the seller (electrical items have a 24hr hold on money due to warranty period). BidBarn prefers to transfer money to nominated bank accounts which occurs every Friday. Monies owed under $100 can collect cash during the week. Please be aware we do not know what day the bidder is coming in and therefore cannot guarantee money is ready for collection on any particular day.

How long will my items stay in the tender?

Items will stay in store for a total of 3 sales/3 weekends, if not sold earlier. Any items that are unsold can be collected on Monday after their last sale at no charge. However, if you wish, items can stay another week but the reserve will be put to NIL(zero) and any bid will win it. We cannot hold goods for customers so it is important to ensure you collect any items you do not wish to go to no reserve immediately after the last sale.

Are there any items you don’t take?

Yes, due to a number of reason some items are not taken for tender. Some items include 2nd hand mattresses, old style TV units, grey/melamine/computer desks, dirty/torn lounges, alcohol, firearms, burnt/copied CDs/DVDs, old style TVs, electrical items that do not work (unless antique value), incomplete items, Frame-less mirrors, Rusty/damaged push bikes, fax machines, printers without software, unclean whitegoods, baby items over 5yrs old . If you would like to check if your items are able to be entered please call 49695656.

Can I have a $ reserve on my items?

Yes of course, items can have a reserve on them set by the owner. We can help with pricing if needed. Items will not sell until they receive a bid on or over your reserve. You have the opportunity to accept bids under your reserve following a sale. Please note, if items are deemed to be heavily overpriced, we may ask you to reduce it or refuse the entry of the item. Some people attempt to use us a short-term storage 🙂

Any limit on how many items I can bring in?

No, you can bring 1 or 1000 items to BidBarn..

Does it cost me to put items in the auction?

No, we only charge commission upon sale of the item

What are the commission rates?

Items sold under $500 are subject to a 22% commission rate which includes GST. For example, if you sell at item for $100, you will get back $78.
For items over $500 please refer to sellers page for commission rates

When can I bring items in to sell?

Goods taken for tender during the following times:
Mon, Tue, Wed 10am-530pm & Thursday 10am-1pm

No goods are taken Friday, Saturday or Sunday.